Sunday, February 1, 2009

Is it February already?

I probably shouldn't jump ahead like this, but since rules are made to be broken and it doesn't matter a bit in the big picture anyway, I've uploaded my latest collage. (Note to File:I need to find what folder I saved my *almost daily* pages to that I haven't shown yet!)

This is my first spread in a new composition book that I started to do gluebook pages in. When it's finished, I want it to be like a coffee table book of my favorite quotes and sayings, so for now it's titled Little Gluebook of Wisdom, Vol. 1. Believe it or not, setting this up - giving myself a purpose for the book and for my pages - appears to be the only way to get me to be relaxed and spontaneous enough to just glue. LMAO - some spontaneity, huh? Geebus, I think that proves I totally suck at spontaneity. LOL

Anyway, the quote for this page is from Disney's Pocahontas...from the lyrics to Colours of the Wind. I chose my words because when I was gel-penning and markering the sky on the magazine cutting, I thought of that movie.

And, the magazine cutting is the cover of the latest LL Bean catalog. It was so pretty, I had to rip it right off.

I am working on the lefthand side of the page now. It's another Native American theme and quotation, and it will be a spread, more or less.

I'm really enjoying my wet palette (shown with my Starbucks double-shot glass). I've had it probably 15 years, maybe 20. It has an airtight cover and disposable donut-shaped sheets. I fished it out to see if it still worked ok and it does.

While I painted on my gluebook page, I added the leftover paint to some atc bases. I also had enough left over to add to a couple of gessoed journal pages, too. I think I might be starting to get the hang of it. Always gotta be thinking about several projects' progressions when ya paint.

My latest Lab Experiment: some of my most-used paintbrush handles are starting to peel paint, so I decided to paint Diamond Glaze on them and see if that stops it. I probably wouldn't mind, except I cannot stand when the paint comes off in the shotglass, on my fingers, on my project, etc. That's gotta stop. Plus, there is nothing wrong with the brushes. Anyway, here they are drying. I'll let you know if this stops the peeling and or otherwise helps anything.

I have been awarded for the first time for this blog, and twice in one week!

Thank you, Linda, for choosing Paper Paisleys as a Rockin' Blog:

And, Thank you, Sarah, for choosing this blog as Fabulous:

For this award, I need to share with you 5 addictions of mine and then pass the award to 5 blogs.
5 addictions I can think of right now (I have a lot more, LOL) are:
1. cigarettes
2. coffee
3. diet cokes
4. internet shopping when possible instead of physical shopping
5. my hair straightening iron

I want to pass both of these awards along to these 5 Rockin' and Fabulous Blogs and their owners:
1. Pearl

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