Sunday, April 1, 2018

Passover, Easter and an April Fool

 Happy Passover Weekend, Happy Easter and Happy April Fools! No foolin'! 

I made this 4x6 decoration for my St. Patty/Easter/Spring art corner. Images used are from Gecko Galz, Retro Café Art, Victorian Scrapworks and my Black Hole of Stash. I will enter it into the following challenges:

I also made this ScriptureDex Rolo for TMTA's Dreamy challenge theme. I hand-drew the body of Christ ascending like in a dream, using a stamped image I have as a model for the robe. I first stamped a cloud background with light blue ink and you can see it in his robe if you look closely, also contributing to a dreamy look. I sketched with a colored pencil and then used gel pen to make the sparkly lines emitting from him. 

Isn't the back pretty? And it gets covered by the verse. I used a Clear Dollar Easter cross stamp in a repetitive pattern and colored with Copics. The cross in the center is also a Clear Dollar stamp. 

I am going to try to enter less challenges beginning today.
I have been working on the first phase of my self-study in abstract painting and have been preparing to go into phase 2, which is to begin to actually paint and practice. I have done practice in my art journals via backgrounds but not yet on paper or canvas. I've begun to realize that I could fill up journals with backgrounds and nothing else, and that backgrounds are pretty much abstract art! So, I will embrace that as I try to sequeway into painting. The more time I can free up by making less for challenges is more time on my abstract study, hopefully.

Competing for my time is my husband's retirement coming up in the summer. All the dang paperwork! We are also looking for a house if we can find what we want. The RE market here post-Harvey is quite crazy. Just our luck, right?

Well, that is it for me today. Ham, German potatoes, cabbage and cherry crumble on the menu for later. Better go start it! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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