Saturday, March 3, 2018

New MARCH-ing Orders after my MonaFest

Progress shot of part of my Monafest in process...

And so in blows MARCH! Yes, already! Time doth FLY! I'm constantly amazed at how fast, way too fast for me, but I've not been consulted. ;-) 

It was bound to happen: in the same week that SPA challenged us to alter Mona, Think Monday Think ATC/Rolo asked us to use a Leonardo da Vinci theme. Here's the mixed media ScriptureDex Rolo I came up with, using another of the Ma Vinci stamps I showed you the last time, along with gesso, gelatos, stenciling, archival and distress inks and stamps. I attempted the Gelatos Swipe technique after seeing my dear friend Bethie create a beauty with it. And well, that technique is harder than I thought. You can barely see the Tim Holtz Harlequin-stenciled diamonds, but I went with it and then fell in love with the soft ambiguity of the look. Thought the message in Psalm 119:37 went well with those Mona eyes, too. So, I'm linking to Think Monday Think ATC - Leonardo da Vinci .

Here's the back. I wrote out the verse with my epic Platinum Carbon desk pen. I tried out the Gelatos Swipe technique on this back side first using Tim's Ringer stencil, distress-inked the edges and added some photo corner die cuts.

Right now, I'm making a wall hanging with those three 4"chipboard coaster Monas in my progress shot. I also spent some time cleaning up my Rolos, re-printing verses to adhere on the back the other way than I had them, correcting Psalms to Psalm (I grew up using the plural which isn't really technically correct and more of a colloquialism) and decorating a few bare backs.

I'll share all of it soon. For now, adios, sayonara and ciao for now! Thanks for visiting and have a great rest of the weekend! 

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