Monday, February 12, 2018

Garden Variety Art Journal Page

Happy Monday! Hope everyone survived it. I'm just popping in to share a quick page I recently finished in my Puns & Roses Glue Book . I'm still working on Honey's Valentine card and probably will be right up until the last possible minute because I got an idea and you know that goes, lol.

This journal page began with the inside of a #10 business envelope I'd opened up and grabbed to stamp-off onto when I was stamping flowers a while back. You know how sometimes what you are left with looks cool? Operative word here is SOME. This being one of those times, I got my markers and gel pans and colored it up. Then I was perusing an old W Magazine and saw their section where they cover celebrity events and parties. Cut out a group and put behind the envelope window, glued it into my book, where it sat for months until the other day I am looking through the book and thought that was a variety of flowers as in most of them unique or different from the other. Next, I looked at the people and thought, typical garden variety celebrities, one similar to the other. And there was my wordplay: the different meanings of Garden Variety. All that was left to do was find letter stickers that I liked.

This is exactly why I have this themed journal. It's definitely a challenge, it appeals to my writer side, and I've had to (enthusiastically) learn there are more forms of wordplay than I originally anticipated (see HERE). At first, I tried to keep the scope narrow, but soon learned how hard it was to keep coming up with Dorothy Parker-esque wit. So I welcome the many forms and I no longer expect Miss Parker's jealousy any time soon. Anything close will now do. I've got a lot of pages left to fill! 

Thank you as always for visiting me and having a look see. Love reading and replying to your comments, yes I do! Have an awesome Tuesday, xoxo

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