Saturday, March 11, 2017

Paint Party Friday

Here I am again, popping in to share what I painted at a recent Painting With A Twist activity with some dear IRL girlfriends. This was my first time to do PWAT and I was nervous, even though I have painted in my hobby art for years. My friends had been before, but are not hobby artists. And I'd only ever done a complete acrylic painting in my art journal, so this was a first for me on canvas.
Interesting evening. You can see the reference painting on the easel in the left side of the above photo. Wonky perspective of the Eiffel Tower, huh? As I was drawing it (with my paintbrush!), I was thinking, wished I'd picked an easier night, but I went with it and actually worked pretty loosely. And fast, compared to the rest of the class of about 12. LOL, I also brazenly did my own thing on some of the steps, and I didn't worry about being perfect. In fact, I even added to my tower's wonkiness and enjoyed it.
Anyway, it ended up being a fun activity for us and my painting was chosen best in show for the night by the students. I don't know if I'll do it again unless the painting is super easy, though. I feel like I lucked out on this one because it's not that easy to do for a beginner, lol.
I'm joining Paint Party Friday's 6th Birthday Celebration Week with this painting. If it applies to you, remember to Spring Forward one hour tonight! Back again soon, I'm starting to miss blogging again, lol. ;-)

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