Friday, March 24, 2017

Toxic Zodiac Art Journal Page

Hello again! What's been going on with you? Today I'm here sharing an art journal page I created to participate in Mix It Monthly March Challenge with the theme of water zodiac signs (Cancer/crab, Scorpio/scorpion, Pisces/fish). Also going to add it to the mix at Paint Party Friday. ;-)

My page is quite personal to me so I journaled on paper that is tucked into the back cover...still haven't decided if I'll add any journaling to the page itself but left what open space I could. 

I began with this background starter in my Wake Me When It's Over journal, which has kind of an About Me theme. I tell a few stories and record memories in it. I wanted to focus this page on a specific friendship I have and that examining it through our zodiac signs actually helped me understand our history better.
(Left - test print on copy paper; Right - deli paper taped to copy paper)
So, I found appropriate digital images that I could print out in black and white and then color by hand. I pasted them all on one sheet to print in PSE, but I wanted to print it out on deli paper.
So I got out my 3/4-inch wide Low Tack Artists Tape that works in my printer beautifully.
Here you can see the deli paper laser print after I removed the tape. Now to color and fussy-cut.
On to work that background more. I got out my beloved Platinum Carbon Pen and a couple of The Crafters Workshop 6-inch stencils. Also, some acrylic paints and some sponges. After several sponged layers of paint, I stenciled on some seabed plants and pods. I outlined most of the plants with the pen which has carbon permanent ink and the nib writes/draws beautifully on paint.
Then I arranged my images in order to hunt through my alpha stickers for a color match on my title.
My final step was to create the look of toxicity or pollution, and I did it with my Derwent Inktense india ink pencils. I wet the title first and then drew the drip lines downward with a Tsukineko brush-tip Fantastix (like a pointed q-tip that doesn't wimp out and can be cleaned to re-use), which then set the pencil ink. I used Navy Blue first and then Payne's Gray.

Of course, the moment I said Done, it occurred to me that I should have done the stenciling and the collaging on a separate piece of paper, then attached it to the page like a pocket. Then I could have inserted the folded up secret journaling. {WHACKS SIDE OF HEAD} Yup, story of my life, lol. Oh well, live and learn. Important thing is, I documented a very personal memory that I want to remember. Additionally I am able to participate in my favorite art challenge groups on my terms. I love it when what was gonna get made anyway fits a challenge, as this did perfectly.

Thank you for visiting and I will see you again real soon!

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