Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My First WOYWW post (finally!)

Good morning from Texas! This is my first post to link to the infamous blog party fun known as WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday) , hosted by the very gracious Julia of Stamping Ground blog. And I am very happy to be here!

As requested, I have taken some photos of what I'm working on this week. The photo above shows I am updating my Smooch Inks color chart with my latest order (still spending my Christmas money, and with my birthday coming up on Monday - Leap Year #15! - the spending will continue, lol). You know, since I began downloading those blank color charts, I find they tempt me to buy buy buy in order to fill up the chart, hehehe. Not complaining, I am happy to oblige. I was late to discovering Smooch and it's been hard to find them now, so I scarfed up what I could find at a good price, about $4 a bottle this order, including shipping.

I should note that Hubster and I are an empty nester couple in a 3-bedroom home, so while my official art playroom is a bedroom, my crafting usually sprawls out across our dining room and study/computer room. The photo above shows stuff on a card table that's been up since the Christmas lunch we hosted for family. I am often teased about quickly appropriating any surface in the house that stays cleaned off, lol. Here you can see more supplies (Smooches and Spectrum Noir markers) waiting to be catalogued onto charts and then put away. You can also see my empty Kleenex boxes that I convert to using as temporary holding boxes for anything I need. They are all over the place here but come in quite handy and don't cost a thing.

Here's another shot of me using a TV dinner tray to hold my other marker case while I check in the Promarkers  and Copics that I have recently bought. So happy that Winston & Newton now make these. I even ordered once directly from Letraset in U.K. and half of what they sent me was dried up and leaking. (Could they not have looked at it first?) I'm really hoping W&N's quality control is better - so far it is. Plus, I can buy them at Blick.

Finally, I wanted to share the project I worked on over the weekend with my Hubster's help. I have finally tamed my punches. We bought several towel racks from Ikea and have attached them to some scrap wood pieces. (Not sure yet what to do with that open space above them - stay tuned!) Now that I know this will work, I will need to paint them. Ah, another project! lol This is a corner of my art playroom behind the entrance door. You may can see a bit of the clear plastic drawers on the right, all my tiny punches are in one of those drawers (the rest of those drawers house my handmade cards and all my envelopes). You may can see on the left a smidgen of my cutting dies on the wall. That's not all of them. They need to be re-organized but I love being able to see them and I do use them more.

Well, I hope you got a good sample of what I have been and am working on this week. Please let me know what you think! Thanks so much for visiting, and I can't wait to see what the other WOYWW-ers have been up to as well.  Have a great Hump Day! xoxo

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