Sunday, March 18, 2012

Card Share Catchup - Sunday

Time to share some cards I've recently made!

I am finding that with my change of art priorities this year, I have so far been able to avoid the dread that has always accompanied my card making on a deadline. How? I now usually make card making my warm up activity. It seems like I'd have less time to make the cards, but I am beginning them sooner and I end up spending less time in total. I don't obsess so much over finding perfect papers, stamps, etc. (unless my meds make me air-headed, then all bets are last week!). I tend to look at the cards I've started when I need to mail one off quickly.

I've also begun starting feminine and masculine cards during warm up. It is good to have cards of both kinds to choose from. I know this will probably get old after awhile, but for right now it is a new and cool thing for me. I hate feeling the dread and drag of needing to come up with something I have to mail off tonight or tomorrow, and my meds are popping my focus all to hell or the muse is on strike. The reprieve my warm ups are giving me is so healing for me (lessens my stress), without having to take a pill or give up an activity I love.

More thoughts on this to come. Have a great Spring Sunday!
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