Monday, March 19, 2012

Card Share Catchup - Monday

A few more cardshares to catch up with!

Masculine card...

Feminine card...

Either, really...

I wanted to keep talking about my card making changes, I guess, because it's a big part of my creating. I would say to those of you who don't make cards to just bare with me, except that I think some if not all of this can be applied to whatever you create.

Something I'm beginning to realize, by making my cards as a daily warm-up, is that my perfectionistic tendencies are thwarted or reduced. I put more value on "making" something cool out of the "starting stuff" (backgrounds, focal images, paper layers) that come out of the warm-ups, and less value on creating "the perfect card".

Day by day, I see more and more how less often I think about creating perfection, and this releases a risk-taking creativity that is at times better than perfection. And more fun. I mean, sure, we've all had our eyes lay on a perfect piece of art and said WOW (and some are lucky to have looked at something self-created!), but this is a comparable feeling: good.

I am all about pretty and good as opposed to the prettiest and the best, because I'm in this for escape, for creativity for therapy. Sometimes, putting so much pressure on something stops us from performing, and that does happen to me with creating art. Keeping it fun, fresh and frugal.
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