Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Silent night...

Wow, my email volume has significantly decreased this evening, wonder what's up? I know that down here where I live, people are bundled up and hunkered downcuz it's about 36F now and is forecast to be 33F by 6am Wednesday. We really don't know how to operate well in that weather, winkwink.

At any rate, I'm sure to hear about it later. In the meantime, I've got a backed-up inventory of art to share!

I thought I had put up all the Thanksgiving decorations, winkwink. Guess not. This was an experiment that turned out pretty darn cute, I thought. It was made for my Altered Designs yahoo group weekly mingle and is a 3x5 Skinny. I used a Quickutz thought bubble/cloud, turkey and alphabet.

This is my 60's retro chic altered shrine to friendship, made for my Paper Traders yahoo group's 6th anniversary shrine swap. I had to follow a blueprint for the general shape and size. I used 6 blocks, and FRIEND is a six-letter word.
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