Thursday, June 23, 2011

Strange, Weird, Wonderful

Not gonna lie...I've had a bad last 5 days. But it appears to be ending {knockwood}. Many times, it has always helped to remember that nothing lasts forever, and then don't watch the boiling pot. winkwink

My dad turned 84 and, being there are no rules and I can go artsy fartsy or silly or whatever, I was able on motivation alone to make a nice card for him.
When I am flaring at all with the Arthurs, I usually turn to my pencils and pens to color. Here, I colored a stamped image and then I gelpenned the candle embossing from a cuttlebug folder.
The orange candles were colored with those Sakura souffle pens. The orange color reminds me of Dreamsicles. Loved those as a kid.
My dad got a big kick out of the back where I stamped "Handcrafted Masterpiece". Ha! It's really really fun to make cards for people who enjoy them. I am pretty blessed to have quite a few in my life who do. And, I only really found that out when I talked about stopping...also, when I stopped sending them to people who didn't value them. Funny how life works.

We got rain today, almost an inch. The sound of it was almost foreign to me, made me realize it had been a very long time. My thoughts are often with the folks battling the fires and the floods. Mother Nature, can't fool her, beat her or outwit her, that's for sure.