Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring gone wild...

That webcam cameroid app continues to amuse me...

Well, I have another little flare up, in my neck, radiating down my left arm...bigtime. After 3 days, it is finally beginning to lose its intensity. Either that or I'm miraculously used to it by now. Don't think that's it, tho.

Spring's made a grand entrance around here. Lows in the middle 60's at night and highs in the daytime in the low 80's. Sunshine and mild wind. A little bit of wildlife, too.
We have ducks from the nearby bayou who journey to the pond in the field behind my side of the block, and they always end up having a little parade on our street. They are a happily-married couple.
They visit us every Spring and I realized I've never taken photos of them, so I did that today. They must cross a very busy road to get from the bayou to the pond, and our city has an official Duck Crossing with a crosswalk and sign and everything.

Everyone knows not to feed them, even tho it kills me not to. Most of us have tried it once and learned.
If you feed them, they will return the next day and the next, stand in your front yard and honk so loudly that you'd swear it was a car.
It's just best not to get them all riled up, the cuties. The man who owns the pond stocks it with their favorite fishies, so they get their bellies full.

I was also visited by a bright green lizard a couple days ago who found himself inside my house via the front door. He quickly shimmied up a nearby table and has been living there. I have unfortunately not been able to capture him, on film or in my hand. But every time I go to that table and move something on it, he comes out and stands there, looking at me as if to say hello and what's to eat. It got to where I was going to the table a few times a day just to visit him! This evening when the Hubster got home from work, I told him about the lizard and I could tell Hubs did not quite believe me about the lizard being so sociable. We had pizza delivered for supper and as Hubs was standing at the front door, here comes the lizard out onto the carpet to say hi. So I alerted Hubs and he calmly leaned over, trapped him in his hand and returned him to the front yard. Now, I kinda miss the little fellow. What a great story to scrapbook and no photos! Booo!

I'll leave you with the card making for my oldest nephew who turns 18 this week. Here is my kit from my stash for it. Check out the paper strips: We R Memory Keepers, circa 2005. That's practically vintage, right?
I used Clean and Simple card sketch #126. I did some heavy edge distressing on the papers and then I was too lazy to get the messy inkpads out, so I tried running my copics along the edge using the chiselled caligraphy point. Works great! I got to use up some ribbon, some screw brads, an epoxy label frame, some chipboard numbers and a scalloped canvas circle that I cut into pinked edges with my Tim Holtz scissors and then colored with my copics.
For the inside, I lined both sides with paper, punched some diamonds out and used up some sticker alphas, too.
The back of the card was not neglected, either. I hope my nephew likes it. I know he will like the check that's included. winkwink  :-)))