Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck O the Irish to Ya!

Just call me "The Lucky Charmer"
 I got a little frisky over at and created that gorgeous cariacature with my computer webcam and the onsite cameroid app. I was on a buy-high, having just successfully ordered Lawn Fawn's new stamp set, Say Cheese!, as well as 3 other sets I like almost as much, thereby getting a free mini-set and free shipping. Score!

Yes, I have officially cheated on my Supplies Moratorium. But, wouldn't you? This stamp set is like the most in-demand set right now, having quickly sold out on 2peas and everywhere else it was marketed. Polaroids are hothothot right now and with this stamp you get the frame to put your photo in....sweet! Plus you get a stamp of a polaroid camera, so hey. As for the other 3 sets I ordered, well, they were cute and I certainly could have lived with the Say Cheese set, no biggie. {snort} winkwink

So, today being SPD and all, I have 2 very special (to me) cards to share with you. I really like the way that both turned out.
My first card is a humorous one and began with me coloring this Janlynn stamp image. I didn't think about the plan for this card other than the set-up and punch lines.
So, here is the card front. Yes, I know that Bragh is misspelled. (Pssst - that's part of the set-up. Patience, grasshopper!) And here is the inside:

Okay, you know you either ARE laughing or ya wanna! Hehehehe. Yeah, okay, so that was sent to Missy.

True story: almost sent it to my cousin, until I remembered she's had breast cancer, and so I thought okay, I'll stamp my pink ribbon stamp on it to make it good...but then I could not find that stamp (found my bra stamp but not the pink BC ribbon stamp. Figures! I'll be sooo happy when I get all my stamps cataloged and indexed!) I then got so flustered about it that I sent my cousin a very simple shamrock card and totally completely forgot to scan it or photo it until about an hour after I mailed it {eyerolling myself}.

Here's the card front of my second card, which is a sweet and nostalgic one with an original poem inside, written by lil old me. The wee lass on the front is a Stampavie stamp colored with Copics like the first one. The front has a rainbow (a paper scrap that looked like it could be a rainbow, so it got used up), the lass, and also winter snow and spring thaw and blossoms.
And here is the poem that is the reason for all the elements on the front of the card. I've always been a bit bothered by Groundhog Day, so I let my inner revisionist go to town to write my own version of the Spring myth. This card went to my Dad who likes this kind of card and will be sure to ooh and ah over my poetic abilities. :-)))

Hope you liked my cards and here's to a great and gorgeous SPD!