Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Vacay...

Wow, I knew I was gone longer than I meant to be but even I'm a bit surprised. It didn't seem like 2 weeks+, I swear! lol
So, I took a week off and just unplugged because...nothing was tasting good anymore, online-wise. When I felt like creating, I did...and I felt that way quite a bit. No deadlines, really, as I've been working ahead quite a bit. Even managed to print out some photos I want to scrapbook, in an attempt to motivate myself toward that end.
None of my birthday dinner photos were ones that featured my best looks, frankly, and being that we went to my fave Mexican food joint that has the huge birthday hat and serenade, that photo is the cheesy bad one with the requisite embarrasment factor, but sheesh, I don't really care...that much.
I also have head shots of me with Missy, my dad, my brother and family, but they are all pretty redundant so I chose the best one of me, lol. At any rate, it was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thoroughly enjoyed getting my inspiration the unplugged old-fashioned way with these books. The Print and Stamp Lab book was my favorite. It's got me looking everywhere for little doodads to stamp with (as if I needed anything else to stamp with...).

I also got sick with a flare-up of my Arthurs while I was gone, but who wants to talk about that, not me. I'd rather get started showing all these unseen cards I made. This one is a friend notecard, shown below:
Making this card was a total playdate with myself. I really enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and combining different patterns and strong colors.

I used a Mojo Monday sketch (#177):

Back on the blog wheel, I hope. More tomorrow, already tired. Peace out. xoxo