Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kits and kaboodles

My apologies for, in yesterday's post, my stubborn misuse of the word *kit*. When I read my published post, I saw that I'd written *kits* instead. All I can offer as an explanation is that I must have had temporary George W. Bush Internets Disease. {snort} winkwink

My foray into card kits got me going, as they say. I had another one of those kits card bases, from Lasting Impressions I *think* (but am mostly not sure). I shared a birthday card recently from another one of the bases, and am finally remembering enough to guess the company who made it. Suffice it to say, it's old, at least 5 years. Anyway, I had the base and decided to compile my own kit parts to go with it. Lord knows, I've plenty of supplies! So, this is my kit:
I was able to look no further than the Scrapworks papers and embellies that I'd been using.
Hey, the colors were copacetic and complementary, so why not? Lasting Impressions met Scrapworks, and another 30-minute quick card was born:

This one is for our dd, Missy. She recently had her first job performance review and was rewarded with a promotion and a 7% raise, which in this economy is not too shabby at all! It's actually practically amazing. She totally deserves it, too, and I am so thankful that her employer knows the awesome employee they have in her. There have been times in the last 6 months that I was a little concerned with all the long, hard hours she was putting in, and I frankly just trusted that they would recognize it and appreciate it. This is proof that they do. So, I wanted to make her a little something to commemorate. And thanks for letting me brag a bit. We are so so proud of her.
Before I go, I wanted to show you what I did in our study/office for a wall calendar this year. It is very simple and easy, but it gets the job done and from a distance creates a neat pattern for the eye.
I downloaded the calendar from Creative Mamma and printed them out in black and white on my laser printer on green cardstock. Then I cut out each month and arranged them along a strip of white 12x4" cardstock. Very simple and basic and quick. I like it right up at the top of the bulletin board so that it is always in view. If you are looking for cute and colorful calendars to download and print (free!), then go check her out. I plan to print a few of the others out in color on my day! winkwink