Friday, February 4, 2011

Must. Feed. The Muse.

I updated my personal antics blog with our ice storm adventures, if you are interested in reading, here...

I saw that the groundhog in PA predicted an early Spring and I'm about ready. Been ogling my pretty wallpaper border in our entry hall just a bit too longingly:

oops, probably dust on the chair rail at the bottom...oh well, too lazy to crop it, my bad...
 I did some bigtime paper organizing -- here's all my cardstock in one grouping, thanks to my endless stash of priority mail boxes:

I really do shop almost 100% online, and have for about 5 years now. And I've  packratted an amazing stash of boxes that arrived in pristine condition. With those nice plastic 12x12 paper holders costing $5-8 each nowadays, I'm bashing my stash for free.

I'm experimenting with decorating them, though:
At least on the one edge that shows, winkwink. For now.

That label is a magnetic business card. I have a few more of these files to make for this shelf and may or may not use the magnet since on this one I tried brads as attachments as well, and I like using them. Work in progress and definitely subject to change...

I did use the magnetic cards exclusively as labelling on my 6x6 paper and 8x8 paper boxes. I'll show those next time, along with the name of the blogger who gave me the idea. Gotta look it up.

What I haven't done is move that @#$@# table into the Playroom. I did get everything underneath it moved, though. And I vacuumed, ugh, it had been awhile. And that hope chest that was on its side the last time you saw it? That's moved into the family room working as a blanket chest. And I also altered a clock and hung it. Lots more photos to show, all in good time. Don't let me forget, winkwink.

Don't judge me, now. I've been in serious creating withdrawal and just had to stop the reorg for a tiny bit and play with my artsies. Regular readers here will know I've been in withdrawal, lol. No output!

I just had to. It got to the point that's all I thought about.

Must. Feed. The. Muse. Just for a bit. Then it's back to interior design and decoration. winkwink

Til next time...