Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time to Blog!

Where does the time go? Especially when you're an old fart like goes faster than normal as a general rule, so I have to keep tabs on it. I'm happy to report that I got thru and survived my *real life* art activities during the last part of August...and then I kinda just cocooned for what I thought would be just a few days to regroup. But this morning I woke up and realized that 3 days turned into 8 way too fast. Anyway, it's like when I sleep 13 hours. I figure I must have needed it. (Oh, and now I internet was down for almost a week, too.)

Anyway, while I can't yet show the stuff I made for my guest designer gig (and from my store classes),  I've made some other stuff I can share. Luckily the Muse kept me creating inside the cocoon {winkwink}.

Robot Birthday Card
Robots birthday card
This is my brother's birthday card. The entire card was based in my head on two things: I wanted to use my robot stamps, and I wanted the inside of the card to say "Danger, Danger, Will Robinson! Humanoid turning 45! This does not compute!" So, that's all I needed. Since he's 10 years younger than me, I babysat him a lot when he was little and we watched many episodes of Lost in Space together.
*For You* Notecard
"For You" notecard
This notecard came about only because I needed a holder for an atc I was mailing and that square package paper piecing kept showing up in front of my eyes. After telling it absolutely no way was I gonna use it, I finally told myself I'd try to find some paper to go with it, thinking of course that I would fail. But then I found the red check paper and the striped paper scrap, and I was committed. It was like Karma told me to do it. Anyway, the stuff's so old it's now retro, so I guess it's okay.

Vintage style anniversary card
Vintage anniversary card
This was, again, the fault of my supplies talking to me, begging to be used no matter what. This one came out more like I like a card to. The inside rose paper was punched, but then I wanted it on another layer with a wider border. Hmmmm.....duh. Get out the scalloped deco scissors and cut carefully. Voila - anniversary card.

*CAN Touch This* atc  (traded)
"CAN Touch This" ATC
Okay, where was my head with this one? Seriously, it was just stubbornness to use that blue building image. For a few months now, I'm been trying to find a place for it in a collage, with no luck. So, I just decided to use it as a starting point and use up table scraps. I also thought it fitting to use a hard-to-use image, and my naughty girlies always qualify for that. Her hands and general body language say to me "Can't touch this!" But, oh, that makes the story dull, so can't became CAN, and a bad reputation was born.

There's more, but that's enough for today. I've also been feeling the wunderlusty, vagabondy artist angst lately. I enjoy my activities immensely, except for one thing that ends up clouding it all: I have really been wanting to create what I want to, no themes, no rules, no nothing. When ya feel that way, even the best rules are like chains binding and suffocating the Muse. And lately, the Hubs has been mulling over an idea that he and a couple of work buddies cooked up. They want to start a woodworking biz on the side.  I told him that I'd help them, so at any minute that could morph into an all-encompassing frenzy.

Sometimes I think, what with what I've gotten into lately offline, that I have this full artist life online, but I am moving more and more towards a full real-life art life. Which means I'm going to have to eventually say adieu to the online world.

And that means my yahoo groups, which is where I am most active. {Never my blog. I'll always blog.} It's sad, though. Therefore, I'm just gonna go on hiatus...sabbatical...til after the holidays. Then, who knows? Maybe none of this ever materializes or develops, and I can go back to my Yahoo Groupin' life.

One of the major things about being an artist, even if it's just a hobby artist like me, is that you gotta march to your own drumbeat...follow the your own thing... if only I could get a good interpretation of what that was, I'd know better where and how to travel.

Sheesh! ;-)))
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