Friday, September 10, 2010


I keep forgetting to mention that I no longer list out the supplies I've used on my creations here at the blog, because I've already listed them on Flickr. So, I've linked the photos here to my Flickr. If you want to know what I used, just click on the photo and it will take you to that photo on Flickr...any deets are in each photo's description.
Fresh as a Flower atc (Traded)
This ATC was made for a yahoo group mingle with a used postage stamp theme. I had all the elements sitting in one of my paper plates (I keep my table scraps on paper plates now and just stack them.) The background is a scrap leftover from one stamped with Cactus Green Stazon favorite green ink right now.
Birthday card for friend
One of  my favorite inking techniques (way to apply ink) is to brayer it. Give me some glossy paper and a rainbow dye ink pad and I'm in a little bit of Heaven. The cards above and below are brayered with Ranger Rainbow inks. They don't call them Big n Juicy for nothing.
*Forever* Anniversary card
You know me and my love for intense color, and there is not much that isn't intense with this product line. Don't have all the pads yet, but give me time...

Speaking of Ranger, do you use any of their products? (Does Charmin think that bears use toilet paper in the woods?) Got any alcohol inks, distress inks or sprays, Adirondack inks, Stickles, Inkssentials, UTEE, Perfect Pearls????

Well, if you do, you might not think to check out their website, but you definitely should. Like THIS page. And THIS page. Oooh, and THIS page.

Dunno know about you, but sometimes I forget to check out the product's website. You never know how long you will keep a product, and when it will be discontinued. So get the info while you can.

This always makes me think about all of my old patterned papers. Some of my papers have even outlasted a few of the companies who made them. As I finally pull them out to use, I'm always regretful that I didn't check out the product galleries of the collections on the manufacturers' websites when they were new and being advertised, because it's almost next to impossible to find samples now.

I don't need overall design inspiration so much as I need to see the way designers combined the patterns in a collection. I've had the best luck going to 2peas or's galleries and using multiple searches, and when the results come up, I go to the last page first and navigate back to the first page.

The paper companies are notorious for giving website space to only their newest lines, and I think that is just wrong. They oughta have to keep all their paper lines and samples online. A few companies do (Basic Grey comes to mind), but they are in a very small minority.

Of course, a consumer like me is their worst nightmare. I rarely buy paper when it first comes out and it can take years for me to use it. I guess I could get with their program, but they should realize that if I did I'd buy much less paper. And with Ebay, why should paper even have an endlife? Yes, the manufacturer doesn't make a penny off ebay sales, but hey, it's free advertising for current product in the mind of a paper addict, trust me. Do real, average product users ever make the decisions? Sometimes, I doubt it.
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