Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all of you Mom's have a special time today, whether others give it to you or you create it yourself. Take a little time to be selfish. It's been earned. :-)))

Here are the cards I made both of the mothers in my life.
This first one is for The Hubster's mom. Aside for stamping and rub-ons for the sentiment, I let the K&Company Tapestry embossed paper take center stage. I've really enjoyed the last 2 or 3 K&Company collections I have used. The papers look and feel gorgeous.

And this one was made for my mom. Yes, those are more altered bottlecaps, and the chipboard letters were painted with L.A. Colors Nail Laquer (lab experiment!). I also over-stamped the patterned paper with shapes that were similar to the printed shapes, to give it more color and interest. I used the same paper unstamped for the sentiment, and you can see the difference the stamping makes.

I've been quiet lately as my degenerative-disk-diseased back has decided to throw a sciatica party for the last week or so. It's been really a bad flare up, and for many days it's been me and my Kindle and my heating pad. Not much else. It lasted so long that I'm expecting it to return as I finally improve. The Doc's advice was that I just had to suffer it out and offered the pain meds, which I have so far said no to. So, I may continue to be a bit less active until I can get back up to speed. Just wanted you to know...
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