Sunday, March 7, 2010


Cultivate atc
To me, revisiting something means cultivating what you already knew
Reveal atc
to reveal what new you have learned.

I revisited these artist trading cards I did last fall ~ can't remember if I showed them to you then. I know I didn't load them to my flickr until now, so you can see them all if you would like in this ATC set. They may be at the end, so scroll down if you don't see them up top. I was choosing 6 words to use as journaling prompts and the way I chose was to just choose verbs I liked at the moment. Hehe Effective? Maybe somewhat. I was in the mood to do it, that's my only defense.

At any rate, what resulted were 6 of my favorite pieces of art because the color is so sensual (as in pleasant to the senses) that it's almost its own word. It's been so long since I've played with my pastels and watercolors. I need to revisit that before long so as not to lose what little skill I've acquired.

I have also been revisiting my goals and objective Big Pictures ... how fitting that it's Oscars Day, right? hehe And I'm beginning to think I'm in a bit of a rut. All I seem to be making lately are greeting cards and atc's with occasional work seen and unseen in altered art. I've been working on a 8x8" accordion chipboard album for my parents, a 2010 4x6 calendar (still!!!!) for my daughter, a 4x4 chunky page with a dance theme, and still holding out hope of scrapping some layouts and progressing on some art journal pages. HA! I am obviously much too slow a worker for my imagination!

I'll let this perplexing confluence stew awhile and see if I'm able to re-prioritze, ie. see if something is revealed to me to help me move forward with a solution for the better. And I will leave you with my latest ATC, Rainy Day Play:
Rainy Day Play atc
The digital image is titled "Rainy Day" and so was the name of the mingle theme, so I had to use it. I got the image at an equally well-named site: WinkWink Ink . Like, was that made for me, or what? winkwink LOLOLOL Come join in her challenge. I'm going to try it out.
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