Sunday, November 22, 2009

Doing better, still creating

While I don't think that my recent increase in hip pain is going to go away, the good news is that I am learning to cope with it and am not letting it stop me from making stuff. In fact, I've been turning to my arts n crafts when the pain has been at its worst, because it's impossible to sleep or do anything else.

~~4x6 artist postcard made in October~~

I'm still finding art in my computer folders that I haven't uploaded here. This post card is one of them. I really liked how this turned out. I got to use up some brads, eyelets, ribbon, fibers, and stickers, as well as older papers. I also used my watersoluble oil pastels on the background cardstock and one of my border punches. To me, these are the colors of Autumn. Those of you who get to experience a true Autumn are lucky indeed. I have my imagination, so I put it into my art.

~~*almost daily* journal page from march 21~~

Still catching up showing you art journaling from my *almost daily* journal. A page to record the few random things going on back then when I created this.

~~*heal* atc made for a sick friend~~
This was made just with the bits n bobs on my creating table. I have to say, I'm getting better at throwing away scraps of a certain size or smaller. It feels like a victory to me, no matter how trivial.

In my next blog entry, I'm going to begin a little series tentatively titled A Dozen Augusts. Are you intrigued, curious or confused? Stay tuned...
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