Friday, November 20, 2009

The art must go on

Hello, dear readers. Well, I'm recovering steadily from the flu, but now have an equally miserable affliction: something is going on inside my left hip joint that has taken my body hostage. Think nerve centers and weight-bearing. It feels as if there is a catch in that joint, where bones is rubbing bone with some nerves being caught in the crossfire. Not only are jolting waves of pain greeting the area each time I step down on my left foot, there is likewise a painful feeling of *fixing to break* at the slight twist or mis-step. In other words, if I move my body wrong (and there is no chart showing me right or wrong), I get this awful pain and feeling I'm about to break something.

Tonight I felt well enough to try to post. Now, as I write, that's beginning to disappear and pain is taking its place. So, I think I will try this again tomorrow, because you know I have art to upload because I'm always behind in displaying it.
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