Thursday, October 22, 2009

4 Days Later....

I got an award! Thanks, Linda!
You are the best!
As for some art to show you,

I've made some seasonal 4x6 post cards -- here's one of them (above).

On the journal front,

Here is my next to last February page in my *Almost Daily* journal.


And here's the last February page in that journal.


I'm having 2-3 weeks where I'm just layered up with to-dos. Don't really know if I'm coming or going, but if I'm not doing some kind of art I'm dead. Suits me fine, and it will let up in another few weeks.


Been mulling over what I want to focus on in 2010...yes, it's that time again, wow! Can you believe? Seems like only yesterday it was January, geez!

Anyway, I have so enjoyed my book studies this year. I think I would like to study Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain next year and try to give that a go. I already have the book and the workbook. Everyone tells me it really helped their drawing. Sounds like I shouldn't draw another thing til I get on it, lol. Yeah, too bad, so sad, not gonna happen, but I will study the book next year. Anyone want to join me?

What are you thinking about doing creatively in 2010?
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