Saturday, September 12, 2009

More art journal pages

I saw this magazine ad and had to use it. I love that view. So, now, if my family remembers to look in my journals, they will know where to scatter my ashes after I'm cremated, when I die. I have no idea where this view is located, but it looks like a cool or cold place. Like Ireland or Alaska or Canada, maybe. Missy and the Hubster wouldn't mind. Can you say Road Trip? LOL, sorry, but the thought of going on vacay to scatter your loved one's ashes can't be all bad. Look on the bright side?

Occasionally I will journal my arss off on a page, but only occasionally. This is one of those occasions. I wanted to record this quirk in my youth, so I designed my page to accomodate a lot of open space for writing. The other major achievement of this page is that I used up about 60% of a page of old stitch rub-ons to make the journaling lines. All papers used were stash-bashed (yay!).

Well, back to the art journal for me. I'm a one-track-mind creator these days. :-)

Until next time,
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