Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wake me when it's over...

So, I've got this really cool Mead Day Runner student planner that Missy discarded one year after using it for about 3 months. It has a thick cardboard back cover and a thinner front cover. But on top of that is one of those clear binder pencil pockets with the zipper closure. On that is a little clear poly pocket, like the baseball card protectors we use to put ATC's in 3-ring binders.
Here, just have a look:
What I love about it is that it came with a bout a dozen of these little tee shirts that have smart-ass sayings on them. And for some reason, "Wake me when it's over" speaks to me as a great title for an eclectic art journal like I have re-purposed this planner to be.
Here is a recent page from inside this art journal, heretofore known as the Wake Me journal. Painted background inspired by a Kelly Kilmer prompt in my January lessons I finally finished (by doing pages like this). I cut the cat out of a mail order catalog. The flower's from some packaging. The rub-ons are from my @#$%@#^#%& stash that I'm getting really tired of having.
I should really quit even using magazine images and just stick to using my stash, no matter what. I cannot seem to shake my little mental wise-guy who whispers, that's not gonna work. Instead, maybe if I imagined myself on a deserted island with nothing but my stash...
Sigh, just one more illustration of the Dark Side of being a Packrat. Not glamorous!
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