Wednesday, July 15, 2009

emo faces: crusade #32

Having finally finished the exhausting Lesson 3 in my Decorated Page workshop, I needed a break, a distraction, before beginning a very comprehensive Lesson 4.

As serendipity would have it, I checked out Michelle Ward's GPP Street Team to see what the current crusade was. You can read about it here: Crusade #32 - Knock Yourself Off.

Turns out this was something that fit perfectly into a solution for another little problem I was having. I'd done a set of atc's for an emotive faces swap at my Paper Traders yahoo group, but I didn't like them and they just sat there as the deadline grew closer.

The first set of cards had been done by finding faces of models in magazines, scanning them in, desaturating the color out, printing them and then altering them with paints and pens.

Here are each of the 5 cards I made back in June (I named each model), next to the printed image I started each card with. First up is Ursula:
Ursula, desaturated original
Ursula, painted

Next, we have Rayma:
Rayma, desaturated original
Rayma, painted

Next I present Stacy:
Stacy, desaturated original
Stacy, painted

Okay, the painted Ursula, Rayma and Stacy were the best ones. These next two I had problems because I tried painting their skin. I discovered that I shouldn't have done that, so I had to try to make lemonade out of lemons, as you will see.

So, here is Rika, who I ended up making into a Geisha wannabe:
Rika, desaturated original
Rika, painted, the Geisha Wannabe

And here is Emily, who I should rename Jackobea, because she appears to be a Michael Jackson wannabe (Note - you may notice the original is that Padma chick from Top Chef):
Emily, desaturated original
Emily, painted - the MJ Wannabe

So, anyway...I made this set and wasn't happy with the last two, so I put them aside, waiting for... what-I-do-not-know.

It was then that I read the new Crusade #32, and another idea came to me -- to do them over and *knock myself off*. I decided to go back to those original magazine pages and this time use some tracing paper parchment, trace the major lines of the faces in pencil, outline in Pitt Pen, fill in with colored pencils. and adhere to the back of adhesive cardstock.

Here is the new set I made for Crusade #32, along with the original color pages from the magazines that I traced (Ursula was in black n white in the magazine).

Here's Ursula:
Ursula, magazine original
Ursula, trace-sketched

And Rayma:
Rayma, magazine original
Rayma, trace-sketched

And Stacy:
Stacy, magazine original
Stacy, trace-sketched

And Rika, this time NOT a Geisha but a woman of color:
Ria, magazine original
Rika, trace-sketched

And finally, Emily (who is no longer trying to emulate MJ):
Emily, magazine original
Emily, trace-sketched

SOoooooo, what do you think? I'd love to know, who is your favorite, and what process do you think is more interesting or artistic?

It's a funny thing how even with tracing, these are every bit my own creations. Notice how each are's like I've created 10 different women with 5 different names!

I ended up liking my *knock offs* so well that it made me take another look at my painted set and now I like them all, even the skin-challenged Rika and Emily. Funny how that worked. But if I know Michelle's genius, she had it planned all along.... *winkwink*

Until next time,


jillconyers said...

I really like the Stacy painted one. But I also like how you "made lemonade". What a cool and creative idea that turned out great.

michelle ward said...

A~ thanks for jumping in on this crusade and putting together this post showing all the before-and-afters. What I love the most is how you tried altering the faces in two different ways and that you ended up being pleased with the process of *knocking off* yourself. I think this would also qualify for the previous crusade: *make it your own* *high five* and *wink wink* back atcha :)

Anonymous said...

They all have merit because I can see the processes you used, but in terms of results alone, I like Ria the best. That said, I think they're all very cool.

Rose said...

I really like these. I particularly love the tracings and think this might be something I have to borrow....

Rose said...

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My Nan lives just outside Ipswich. Nice area, lots of beautiful country...

jgr said...

Oh! These faces are great, I do alot of portrait sketches so this really spoke to me. I appreciate all of the steps you showed as well as the explanation of your technique. My hands-down favorite is Ursula traced. It has a strong style. You've really made the most of this Crusade.
Thank you for sharing!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Wow! I am impressed! I totally love your artwork! I must get by here more often!

quiltedcavalier said...

Isn't Michelle Ward's Crusade so much fun? Love what you did with these... stretches the artistic muscles yet again! Also, I love your blog makeover. hugs to you! Hope your summer is going well.


Linda said...

I like both sets of cards but especially the first Ursula, Rayma and the last Emily.

I tried the first technique a while back by painting the entire face of the card with a very light coat of gesso so that the face alone doesn't stand out as much. Then I altered the face and hair.

I also really like your new blog background. Very cool. said...

very very cool change!

*jean* said...

wonderful self-challenge pieces! i especially like the tracing of stacy...i could see that as a fabric piece after deconstruction...

great work!

Laura Kay said...

I like Stacy trace sketched. Your new background is wild!!

Rosie said...

I think yhey turned out really well in both instances. I'd never have thought of tracing them like you did afterwards, so thanks for teaching me something new!
I like Ursula, v2.0 best, but they're all cool!
Michelle akways teases something new from us every challenge, doesn't she?! ;o)

teri said...

I'm still wondering where you get the energy to do all that you do.

I don't know how to pick - I like them each in their own way because you did different things, different processes. If I were forced, I'd say I like the strong colors in the final set of pictures that you traced -- but that might just be because today I happen to be feeling colorful. Lovely work.

Regina said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing.
I'll have to try out your techniques some time.

Linda said...

Hi Aimeslee,

I wanted to let you know that I have and award for you on my blog to say thank you for always being so supportive. Please stop by and have a look. :)

Julie Prichard said...

WOW These were cool on the first go around...and they look amazing in your second trip as well! Really unique and vibrant..well done!

Melisa said...

In your first set, Rika is actually my favorite, LOL! She's so interesting! But I do prefer the second set. I love the Stacy one. Something about her expression, I think. I really like the hair on the last one, too. Darn, I forgot her name, already. I haven't done this crusade, yet. I need to put some thought into it, since it's been extended.

Fiona said...

My favourite is the Ursula one - wasn't it a great challenge!

Darlene said...

Your cards are fantastic!!! Great use of color.