Friday, June 19, 2009

Art to share

A 3x5 card made for a lottery challenge to describe my favorite thing, complete with aroma, lol.

This 4x6 card, and the next one, were made for 2 different challenges and purposes, so I made them at the same time, which usually means I use the same materials, lol. Even so, I enjoy making them unique. Some people prefer to make several of the same thing, but not me. The first card was made for a summertime theme using red, white and blue. I love that image of the boy with the flag. Had to use it. The scan made the background more brownish than ifs true color, navy, don't know why, but it is dark navy.

This one I made for our upcoming Trading Frenzy over at 4x6Expressions yahoo group. I actually cannot believe I've already made a card for this, being that it's exactly one month from now. But I want to be prepare with several cards to trade this time. And, ya gotta start with the first one...

Next time, I will have some photos to show my progress in my Decorated Page technique workshop. If you were wondering whatever happened to my altered book class I was taking, I quit, way back in March, just forgot to talk about it. I realized too late into the class that I should have made my book a techniques book and not a theme about something, anything else. So, since I didn't want to do the techniques in my Mary Engelbreit book, I decided to just do my book on my own at a later date, and to look at the class in its entireity after it finishes up. There are a lot of good techniques and ideas in there that I want access to. But, from this I learned the lesson that if you are in a workshop or exercise where you study an artists book and techniques, then the journal you keep might as well be for techniques and therefore should be a technique journal. I'm already seeing the positive difference that one decision allowed.
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