Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5th already...

It's already gettin' hot in here.

So I'm singing to the chorus when I say, Calgon, take me away!

Hehe, ok, so I've indulged in a little cat art lately. Being a dog person, this might seem weird, and it is. I have owned one cat in my life, a fierce scrappy fighter girl I named Kunta Kitty Carlisle. Her claim to fame was that she would rub coffee cups when she was in heat. Yep, cups full of coffee. That people were drinking. She was a weird nymphomaniacat. I gave her to a friend after about a year.

I do appreciate a cute cat, though, just as long as I don't have to be its human slave. So, I indulged my humor a bit with these pieces. If you are a cat person, enjoy. If you're not, well, try. I do. ;-)))

This is a cool-looking postage stamp I found while searching for Cinco de Mayo graphics. Happy C de M, by the way. I kinda wish I could buy a few of these stamps, although what will $.32 get you nowadays in the mail? You'd think that the USPS would have ALL of their stamps online to buy, but noooo. There are so many stamps that have been issued that I have never ever seen. You? What is up with that, anyway? I might have wanted some of them. That's kind of bad advertising, if you ask me. Of course, my Missy could fix that right up. ;-)

Well, here's to great guacamole and a quick recovery to all those down in Mexico afflicted with the H1N1. Regardless of how you might feel about it, what ails them ails us and we cannot deny it or build a barrier. I want Mexico to get back to the way it was before all the gang wars and the flu epidemic. Please think of them today and hope for that, too. :-)))

Until next time,
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