Thursday, April 2, 2009


I knew I shouldn't brag about posting every day. I jinxed it. I missed posting yesterday. I had a really stressful day caused by nothing other than trying to get a few things done and incorporated some extra surprise stuff. No biggie just months ago. Ah, well. It's a biggie now. :-(

I think I'll just keep it brief today and show the art. This is spread in my Little Gluebook of Wisdom. Everything collaged is either scraps, junk mail or magazine cut-outs. The people reading came from a book club flyer. The puzzle pieces are left over from an old project. The tulips are cut from a card I received and thought were pretty. The earth quote is a stamped image I was gonna use and didn't.

Little discards of life pieced together to make pretty pictures with quotes. Very relaxing time spent making it. And my usual literal controlled way of determining what gets collaged relaxed a bit too. One of these days I might even get relaxed enough to put a bunch of totally unrelated stuff all on one page and not worry if it makes no sense. Not yet, but one day, maybe. ;-)))

Until next time,

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