Wednesday, April 8, 2009

finally at rest

I had the worst time with this card featuring a judy garland stamp, titled "finally at rest". If you even knew how bad it looked at one time. If you only knew that I trashed the first attempt on a similar collage sheet background. Had I not been able to get this one to looking decent, I'd have trashed it, too. (The stamp, I always save, he he).

I should have used alcohol inks and my blender pen to make the rainbow, because the paper is semi-glossy...but no. I grabbed the gel pens before remembering the inks. Then, too late. I'd committed.

And the shades aren't complimentary or blendable, something I always try to achieve. Turns out that nothing glares and I added the round letter stickers to just colorful it out 150%, although had I not been forced to use the purple ones things would match better. Of course, the stickles add yet another twinkle.

Then, the rainbow looked muted, like that was part of the whole message I implied with her tribute, like she's finally over the rainbow now, being dead and all. I don't mean she died only last week...I guess I'm talking about "now" versus before she died. Yup, I do watch too much Turner Classic, don't I? hehe Go ahead and ask, I'll say no. winkwink

At any rate, I've made several backgrounds already and it's time to move on with my list. I spent much of Tuesday making 4 Easter cards. I was so into it that I realized I needed to snap a group photo after I'd sealed up and addressed the first one. So that's why there are only 3 here:

I used victorian scrap crosses and one egg die cut (that one's for Hubs and he gets cadbury every year too), paper lace and k&co paper. Cut out, adhere, slap on. Stamped an inside greeting. Lined the envies in the same paper. Still took most of all day. I'm a turtle. ;-)

until next time,
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