Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a busy week begins...

It's not turning water into wine, but did you know you can turn your art into food, one dollar at a time? At The Bread Art Project, you can digitally art-up a slice of virtual bread which when approved will hang on display at the site, and the best part is that $1 will be donated for your effort to feed the hungry.

My entry, shown above, is on country white bread, untoasted. I uploaded my angel sketch and toasted it. Then I add the text. It took all of about 4 minutes, too. Pretty cool, huh? Go check it out and make them some money!

Here is an artist trading card that I made for one of my yahoo group swaps. This one is quite popular over at my flickr, so it must not stink too bad. You could not have forced me to believe that while I was making it, though. This is another one I almost File 13'd. What's up with that? I go more than 2 years never throwing out one atc...then in the space of a week, I almost throw out 2 of them.

This one was suffering from eye confusion for one thing. I couldn't get a direction for my eye to follow. I added the brown leaves rub-ons and then the 3 crystals. Voila! My eye was told where to look. The background paper is more of my homemade layer-stamped stuff. I also had some rub-ons that were past their prime, so I ended up having to diamond glaze them down. I probably need to have a Rub-ons Challenge and try to focus on using as many of them up as possible...and then throw out the rest!

I worked this weekend on making altered post cards for that yahoo group's upcoming Trading Frenzy on Sunday. I'm trying to finish 4 cards by Saturday. The Hubster's 57th birthday is today (Happy Birthday, Hun!) and I've been so focused on these cards that I completely forgot until last night about a birthday card for him.

So, I went to American Greetings Online and printed him out one. Sealed it before wondering if I should have photog'd it, but it's not my art so I didn't. Besides, how far is it gonna go? LOL Man, talk about a one-track mind...on my mail art, blog, photos. It's fun, though, and I'm enjoying it to bits.

This week I also need to do our tax return extensions, pay a few bills, make 2 atc's, keep working on my post cards, and package up some atc's to mail off. And then hope to work on journal and glue book pages. Wish me luck!

until next time,

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