Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Checking in...

I am beginning an online class on the 15th designed to teach newbies how to alter a book. It's graciously being taught through my Altered Books yahoo group by the very experienced altered book artist Elizabeth in Kansas, out of the goodness of her heart. I could really use a dress rehearsal drive by, and I was very lucky to be able to snag a seat.

So, after my doctor's appointment Tuesday, I felt energetic enough to shop for supplies...well, my supply: a book to alter. Now, I have a ton of books, but after reading Elizabeth's pre-class syllabus, I realized that I needed an older hardbound book that had a spine with a sewn signature (and not a glued one, like I fear most of my Southern Living books have...not sure of that yet, have ta really destroy one to know for sure, but when ya got 18 of them that's do-able. winkwink)

So, I had googled used book stores on my way beforehand, and I found the neatest place called The Dusty Cover. That is a cool name for a bookstore, no? I first tried telling the owner what I needed: basically any hardback books with at least 300 pages printed before 1970 (when most publishers changed to gluing their spines). I was greeted with a sincere shrug and directed to the hardback section.

I must have searched an hour, only to find nothing. Oh, their reading selection was first-rate and the prices quite affordable. Just nothing old enough. Thank goodness they had a nice, clean little girls room. I stayed so long inspecting books I had to tinkle twice.

Finally, I wandered to the back of the store and lo and behold, there was a Discard table with books for 50 cents each. And sitting there in one section was a stack of very old books! Score! I couldn't believe my luck.

I got a dozen books for six bucks and of course, I had to buy a few that don't meet the page number minimum but I loved the title or it sounded interesting to read. Still don't know which one I will use in my class, but I'm sure glad I went ahead and shopped now. I'll have to read the book first before I cover the pages with art.

Have you shopped lately at Amazon? I live there, winkwink. Anyway, they have had some very good promotions recently involving magazine subscriptions. Not that I was looking for any, but when you offer to give me multiple subscriptions, I'll take 'em. They take forever to start up, though. I finally began receiving a couple of them: Midwest Living and Town & Country.

In the last couple of years, I've grown restless with most magazines, so we will see how it goes. But it is kinda fun to just thumb through them, and there are lots of great images to collage with.
I fell off my daily sketch bandwagon and landed with a thud. I'm really not excited about it anymore that much, but this is the last thing I did...a sort of Hindu-inspired drawing:

And, colored in, with a little shading practice:

I like drawing in this whimsical style and may decide to do more of it. But nothing else really interests me right now. That's fine. My ADD attention span is like Texas weather: give it fifteen minutes and it'll change. winkwink

I'm working on a few different canvas sizes right now, and one of them is artist trading cards...again! Feels good to be back at working playing Polly Pocket, lol. Here is an art card I recently finished, using some old DMC collage papers I'd squirreled away and forgot about:

I've also finished about 3/4 of April's calendar collage, but I need to park my butt in front of my glue book and my other journals for awhile, too. Wish me luck!

Until next time!

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