Sunday, January 18, 2009

new endeavors

The brunt of my tax business sale paperwork is done now. I knew that my blogging needed to start again, so I looked at what areas of art play I wanted to immediately persue.

I've been admiring all the eye candy of art journaling for awhile now. I even took a shamefully few baby steps in it last year, but I couldn't find a hook in it for me to have a passion for doing it. I love seeing that passion in others' pages, though. So, I was spending a lot of time looking, but not touching, :-)

Well, an attempt must be made to break me of that! So, I decided to join a few classes, learn on-the-job in a group, etc. My first decision was to join Composition Art Journals yahoo group. Missy loveloves those hardback notebook paper books, always has. Consequently, I have a stash of them. The thin paper is a limitation, but I am playing around with different mediums and techniques to find what works best for me. And it's been fun. I love the feel of those little books. I also love my Moleskine, but the two are not comparable, in my opine.

Here's my first page that sat around for nearly 2 weeks until I felt comfortable adding the journaling. It's hard sometimes to loosen up my anal-ity. I have to take baby steps. :-)))

When I saw the porch photo in a Lowes ad, I just connected with it. I wanted one, lol. Anyway, I scanned it into my Paint Shop Pro and did the watercolor effect on it. Printed it out and then painted around it.

I've given the compo-book the theme of an *almost daily* daily journal. I figure that a daily just sets me up to fail. I need the vagueness that *almost* implies. I also treat it like it's no-fail. If I want to scrapbook in it, I can. If that is where my creativity feels safe that day, like Randy in a Christmas Story, in the kitchen cupboard, that's where it can play.

Something else I wanted to consider trying to learn was how collagists get the depth in their backgrounds. Pam Carriker is an artist whose work I love, and so I signed up for a 5-week workshop she's teaching.

The great thing is, it's been stressful but great. The bad news is, I cannot share any of it (as its her proprietary method). But we have a class group on Flickr, so all my classwork is uploaded to my Flickr account first, if you want to see it. :-)

I also bought some books and some Pitt pens and markers to teach myself Calligraphy. I may have to take a class to force me to learn it, lol. So we'll see how that goes. Haven't gotten into it yet.

And, I need to scrapbook some pages for my mom's purse album I am making her. 2Peas is offering a deal through 1/31 where if you upload 20 new creations you get a $20 store credit. Even though I can't show those here either (until after I spend that credit, hehe), money talks! If any of you who are into scrapping have your mojo on, that's a great deal.

Looks like my compo-book pages will be all I can show here for awhile, so I will spread them out, hehe. More laterz!

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