Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy 2009!

i blogged about my resolutions aka life vision thing for 2009 over at Antics, and the inherent themes of re-assess and re-calibrate seem to be the ticket for what i'll call my 2009 art vision thing.

for 2007, i chose a guiding word for the year: focus.

for 2008, i realized i needed four words that together made a slogan: dare, bare, care, share.

for 2009, i am adding a few new words while sticking by the old ones since they still resonate with me. i very much need to continue to focus, and i still need to keep daring, baring, caring and sharing. i just need to kick it all up a notch or two, carry it further.

so, my 2009 additions are reassess, recover, recreate. i was a little doubtful of recreate until i read the definition is "to create anew". and i need a big ole mess of that. deal done.

to summarize:


now, in detail:

--> i only got two months of my art calendar made for 2008, but i discovered that there are two months in 2009 that match the 2008 months. so, hey, i already have two months made for 2009! maybe this year i can finish.

--> i am 97% finished with cling-cushioning all of my red rubber and that brings me one step closer to completing my big stamp inventory project. the next step is to cut all of the clinged rubber out, then put up all the stamps in their respective cases. that will complete phase one. phase two is stamping the images into my binder. phase three is scanning in all the image sheets, but that's optional. when i get phase two done i'll be celebrating.

--> i have a similar binder and storage system for my diecuts and that's about 50% done. so i need to get that finished.

--> my ribbon collection is about 97% on hangers and 3% wrapped on thread cards. only a fool would put them all on the cards at this point, but i answer to 'fool' quite a lot, actually. the hangers make the ribbon look all pretty but are a royal pain in the butt to go through to find what i want to use. so i quit looking at all and that's not how to use the dang ribbon up.

--> it seems like forever since i created any art. so i am beginning to fantasize about it a little, hehe. i really hope that i can figure out how to create on something every day, and keep it up for a long time, as well as be able to create a variety of what i make, like on a monthly basis create a layout or two, a couple of cards, some atc's and some art journaling. that all seems like a dream too good to come true. still, i want to try.

so, that's how the details roll. and that's only a few of them but it's a start. i'll be working on some/all of this just as soon as i finish all of the !@#%#$^$%&%^*^^* paperwork to finalize selling my tax biz. right now, i feel like the old life is never gonna leave. so i must keep plugging away on the mundane crap that will let me start my new year! ack! (did that make any sense? lol)
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