Friday, January 23, 2009

a journal for your thoughts?

Great Good Friday, everyone. I hope we all have a fun and creative weekend. If we get to create, then we're having fun, right? :-)))

Well, I got another page spread journaled in my *almost daily* composition book. This is basically where I stand on everyday coffee (and cups). Did I feel like writing or what? LOL

I see a definite trend toward scrapping in my journal right now, and that's okay. That might end up being all that I do in this *almost daily* journal. I'm already starting to see it as a Book of Me in 2009.

So, what about when I feel like sketching...or creating something that doesn't fit the theme of that journal? Time to start another one. And another. And another. Hehe.

Two art journaling groups I'm in recently had polls asking how many journals are you working on? You wouldn't believe how many people answered more than 3. The more I get into journaling, the more I realize that this is a natural and typical thing, particularly if you like to theme your journals.

That's why I broke down and bought my first Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. I know I can use it and I wanted to see what all the love for it is about. (By the way, it's pronounced in 4 syllable Italian, like Mol-e-skee'-neh). And once I held it in my hand and opened it up, felt the pages, I immediately understood the attraction. It's one sexy little number. I see more of these in my future, but only one at a time and in moderation (she said as she fondled the black leather cover).

It's not like I need to buy another journal, ever again.

Not as long as I have this little baby, my Zutter Bind-it-all.

Along with my collection of art paper (which I finally got organized and under control so I know what I have), I only need binding o-ring strips and chipboard to make covers. And I've got plenty of both onhand. I just need to do it. Hopefully I will soon, as I am seeing some gorgeous handmade journals that people have made in the classes I'm taking online.

Over the next few days, something that I will be doing is furiously gesso-ing composition book pages, and also wet-collaging scrap paper strips on them. I told a friend yesterday that it's a bit like paper-maching a balloon to make a pinata. I really enjoy getting my fingers all pasty and wet. I was never one to enjoy finger-painting, but perhaps it's much the same thing. I also like to spread gel medium like that sometimes. I might just have a little glue fetish going on, but, hey, at least I'm not snorting it! :-)))

So, anyway, I might not get another page journaled until I stop finger-glueing. But, I do have a few more pages and assorted photos and topics in the queue to show, so we will see how well I can continue to feed the Blog Beast with regularity. So far, I'm pretty proud of myself, which sometimes leads right to failure, so maybe only a little pretty-proud.

I did want to mention a couple of books that are inspiring me right now. I highly recommend them and will keep them in my permanent library, meaning, they will never see the light of ebay. I'll save that for my next blog entry so, until next time ---- xoxo!

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