Saturday, January 24, 2009

I must be Texas-tagalicious...

Before I get started, let me pass on some email info I received this morning. Duncan Crafts (home of Aleene, Crafty Chica and Tulip brands) has launched a new website. It's called ilovetocreate. Check it out...only a little bit of it is cutesy/childish. I saw a few things that interested me. I'd like to try the Tulip Glitter Spray, myself. :-)))

(Alright...I hear you snickering. Glitter is not's vintage!)

And, here's a sketch I did in my newly-started sketch journal:

I am very rusty, as you can see. My shading sucks so bad that I don't think I will do it anymore in sketch pencil, only with color. Even my color shading is bad, but what u gonna do, ya know? P-r-a-c-t-i-c-e.

I actually sketched someone real, a woman named Elaine with whom I used to work 30 years ago. We had cubicles next to each other, and I'd see that look a lot when I'd lean over to ask a question, etc. She always had a "let me think" look that was mixed in with a pleasant and polite and interested look. Another coworker who thought he was Oscar Wilde or somesuch always joked that if you asked Elaine to jump off a cliff, she'd consider it and sure get to it if she had time. I thought he was cruel, but he was funny. So...that kind of look was what I was going for.

Okay, back on track...
I was tagged by my lovely friend and fellow Texana, Charlie. (I wish I had 1/100th of her sketching talent!)

I did this same tag last week on my other blog when I was tagged by my lovely friend and fellow Texana Rozette. (I wish I had 1/10th of her digi-talent.)

Hm... Anyone else notice a possible pattern here? Am I now officially Texas-tagalicious? At least I am getting tagged by talented Texanas...


Now, I had told Rozette I'd reply on my Antics blog since I try to keep Paper Paisleys just for art-related schtick. And I could tell Charlie the same thing.

But now, I give up. LOL No, just kidding. I've got one of my I decided that this time around with the tag, I will make my replies art-related. It's interesting to learn how other artists and hobbyists look at their art and go about things...right? Maybe I can provide one or two interesting tidbits for you.

So, here are 6 art-related things about me:
1. I'm not technically or totally self-taught. I had some traditional art courses in college, but it was so long ago that I'd be a liar if I took credit for retaining most of the knowledge. It was over 30 years ago and it's not like getting back on a bicycle, OK? I can still sketch certain things, but as I said, I'm tres rusty. And my painting was all in oils, which I'm not ever going back to. Plus, I cannot remember the strokes I learned. So, basically and for all intents and purposes, I'm self-taught.

2. Now, I do remember quite a bit that I learned in college about art theory. You know, design elements, color theory, art genres, basic art history. And, I think sometimes it dupes me into having a false sense of courage that "I can do that" when I have absolutely no beeswax doing it. Knowledge, for me, is power AND a double-edged sword.

3. I have a big appreciation for collagists and mixed media artists. My biggest challenge *slash* brick wall is seeing the process order of layering spatially. Say, WHAT? Well, the layers of color and texture in a collage or mixed media piece were usually done in the opposite order of what you think you see. I would love to give all the artists of those genres truth serum and then have them answer if they have difficulty with this also or does it just come naturally. I would love to know the results. Those to whom it truly comes naturally are blessed with an amazing talent, in my opine. (And those who struggle but do get it done are pretty amazing, too.)

4.My favorite art journaling book is The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehn. Written in 2002, it is one of the oldest of the contemporary books on art journals, but Gwen's a master. She's the chair of the art dept at Warren Wilson College and calls what we do visual-verbal art. Among the many contributors are 2 well-respected and talented artists I know of: Nina Bagley and Karen Michel. Gwen takes the art journaling process step by step, giving the reader what seems like infinite ways to create. She also covers using altered books and scrapbook albums. I remember learning for the first time what a "tip-in" was in this book. The eye candy inspiration is stunning still...I'll keep this book forever.

My favorite altered books book is Altered Books Workshop by Bev Brazelton. Written in 2004, Bev's book is still a timely supply list reference for altering books to use as art pieces or any other kind of self-expression. I love the way she's laid it out, in sections for the beginner, the intermediate, and the advanced alterer. In the advanced section she calls "Creative Techniques", you'll find illustrated instructions for image transfers, cut-outs, pop-ups, insert boxes and drawers, all done in a non-cutesy artistic style. The biggest reason I love and keep this book is Bev's unfraid, jump-in attitude. She's done all her own art work, and that attitude is on every page and in every technique she teaches.

My favorite book about paint is Altered Surfaces by Chris Cozen. This is a skinny little 50-page Design Originals book that has the amount of information that a 500-page book might have. Every square inch of every page is loaded with instructions and photos. Chris is a Working Artist for Golden Paint, and if you are a Golden painter, you needed this book yesterday. I found my copy at Memory Villa. The book's official sub-title is "Using Acrylic Paints with Gels, Mediums, Grounds & Pastes for Paper, Canvas, Board and Plastic". WOW! Yeah, and it's all covered, believe me: mixing, glazing, resist, encaustic, tar gel, molding, even weaving acrylic skin strips, which was something I first learned about here. If you paint with Goldens or any brand of acrylics, you should have this book, unless you already know enough to write one yourself.

Please note that I also managed to blog about those books that have been inspiring me lately. Two birds, meet one stone.

Now, who to tag? I did not tag anyone in particular the first time I did the tag because my fingers hurt so badly I was having trouble thinking. So, this time I'm doing it for both of my taggers. No, I'm not tagging 12 peeps, but I just wanted Rozette to know I was thinking about her. xoxo

So that I can find 6 peeps who haven't done this before or in a while, I'm gonna change up their tags a bit. If your name is listed here, please answer the tag on your blog, choose 6 peeps to tag and ask them whatever you want to, and then go tell them in comments on their blogs.

Hide and watch:

1. Sarah C. : Having a baby is like creating art. In fact, it's your biggest masterpiece! So, tell us 6 baby names that made your semi-finalist list, whether or not Trent liked them, LOL.

2. Tina Z :
You like to keep lists, so tell us the next 6 creative projects you will be doing. These can be for your DT or home or gifts for others.

3. Jill C. : You are incredibly effectively goal-oriented, and those goals are like pieces of art to you. You are the only person I know who actually accomplished 99.9% of your goals in 2008 (and if I'm not mistaken, that one unmet goal was something to do with backing up your photos, and you did accomplish that when you changed month into the next year. Sheesh! That's 100% in my book!) So, Jill, let's go longterm. Tell us 6 goals / dreams that are not 2009 goals that you want to accomplish before you kick the big one...6 Bucket-List things.

4. Linda D. : You tease about how big your scrapping wishlist is and you are a prodigious paper-user. So, what if you could only scrap with 6 brands of paper...tell us what those 6 paper brands would be.

5. Benita C. : Your Prima collection rivals Primas'. If you had the space and the moola, tell us 6 additional collections you would have.

6. Roberta W. : To you, cooking is more than a cuisine, it's an artform. So, what 6 dishes have you never made and very much want to make?

Until next time, xoxo.
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