Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update from San Marcos

Hi there. I evacuated Friday with my family to the lovely city of San Marcos, TX due to Hurricane Ike. The first few days of excitement have yielded to the boredom of a hotel room and trying not to spend a lot of money. So, hey, what better time to make some progress with those ATC slide shows I had planned! LOL

This slide show link is of the ATC's I made for a swap in July with an Asian theme:
Asian ATC Slide Show

I was happy with how these came out. My challenges were:
1) come up with a way to thread and secure the black yarn in the coin embellishments (I cut off the ends of Q-tips) and
2) combine pattern papers that were not purchased together or in the same collection so that it looked like they were.

I think I did pretty well on both counts. Well enough, anyhoo.
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