Sunday, September 21, 2008

ATC Slide Show: Paradise

Paradise ATC's Slide Show Link
These ATC's were for a 3-for-3 swap in one of my groups on yahoo, back in July. I haven't gotten my swaps back on it yet because the hostess is very ill with lupus. I have know her for a few years in various groups and trust that if at all possible she will eventually get them swapped back to us, but if she does not recover to be able to do that, this swap is about the last thing I'm worried about or feel she should be concerned with. In fact, I would be happy to just give them to her to look at if she wants them, because I do think that vintage collage cards are very visually attractive and calming. I need to email her sister and offer them if it would give her pleasure. I keep her in my prayers that she will get better. If you want to help, her name is Tracy and the last update the group got was on 9/8 that she might be out of the hospital in a few days. So for all we know she is still there. Either way, she probably needs as many prayers and positive healing wishes as possible. Not having lupus is a huge blessing to me. many multiple arthritii sufferers also have it or are at increased risk of developing it. so far i am not one of them.
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