Sunday, September 7, 2008

Art Shows

hey. :-) gotta get my butt in gear here and catch up on showing the art i've made this summer. MY FIRST ARTIST POST CARD'S: ...i wanted to use my cornish heritage farms background stamps, like this forest trees stamp, because they are huge. just about 4"x6"... left is a collection of stamps having anything to do with aviation and i should have made more of a scenic background. but hey, that's a "fun" apc...beside it, this clock came from a junk mail flyer and i added some little things to it, but since my chronic tardiness should be a shameful secret, it worked well... ...this one has been the most popular of the swap set, hands down...the background is another of those background stamps. (i remember. i said i was going to put these in a slide show, but i never did and don't feel like it now.) i joined a few new yahoo groups hoping to expand my art canvas. atc's are fun, but the 2.5" x 3.5" canvas tends to get really small for me at times. i have a slight tendency to get claustrophobic about it, actually. one of the groups i joined, 4x6 Expressions, is for 4" x 6" artist post card (APC) art and of course, first swap i saw was called "postsecret swap". since i love that website, i had to play. i love the fact that APC's i collect in swaps and trades (or even my own creations) can be so easily stored in photo albums, because they are the same size as photos. So, photo albums can be bought or binder photo sleeves can be used if a handmade album is desired.
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