Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Florida Strong Art Journal Spread

 Happy Day to all. I'm trying to be happy. The weather where I live is a week of miserably cold rain and I'll be counting the hours until it's over because it wreaks havoc with my Arthurs and is just generally depressing. Plus, the flooding news out of New Zealand is devastating and it looks positively frigid for most to my north in the USA and Canada this week, so I include all y'all in my prayers. It's definitely the dead of winter, so what better time to take an art journal trip to The Sunshine State!
I'm sharing a mixed media art journal spread about the great state of Florida that I made earlier in the month but just today remembered I had not blogged it. Sheesh! 😏 Warning: I took lots of photos of my mixed media background prep, as some people like seeing how the sausage is made, lol. 😋 Please click on any of them to make them bigger if you need.
Here is the map background, beginning with a strip of washi down the center seam. Then a light dry wash of some PA Fresco Nougat to tone down the map a bit.
Then, stenciling with 2 stencils (A Colorful Life and The Crafters Workshop) using blue and yellow paints. Then, some washi strips and an edging all around with the yellow. 
I found all this Vintage Florida Ephemera at Zuzudownloads Etsy. I sized the photos and ads I chose for my project, printed out from PSE and then cut them all out with a border that I painted with PA Fresco Vanilla paint. Then after they dried, I cut a closer border with a pair of Wave Deco scissors. 
The base paper of my spread is a map of the state I scanned in from a folded up travel map, the kind one used to buy at the gas station and keep in the car glove compartment. I've collected quite a few over the years, an entire drawer full. Atlases, too. I sized the pages in PSE and printed them out on Avery Label paper. Then, I arranged the various photos and ads combined with some old scrapbooking stickers.
I tried my hand at some "calligraphy" writing the word Strong. I saw some T-shirts with this phrase online and just tried copying it using my Posca paint pens. Not great but since I can read it clearly, I'm happy! 😎

Close-ups of the ephemera. Just click on each photo if you want to see enlarged.
One last look.
I'd begun planning originally (then got sidetracked) with a Prayers for Florida theme in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. But now it's become more of an all-around homage theme. If states like mine and Florida were characters in a movie western, they would definitely be the strong, silent types, taking what comes with little complaint and taking card of business. It's only been a mere 4 months since Ian hit, but Florida, like Texas, picks up, cleans up and moves ON. I admire that mindset, spirit and toughness and wanted to document it to remember. What began as empathy for a disaster (and I still send prayers) has ended up as an admiration of iconic place for all my Florida friends and all Floridians.

Thanks so much for the visit today. Wherever you are and whatever your weather, I sure hope you are warm, safe and able to do something enjoyable!

New Paper Artsy Fresco Chalk acrylic paints


Diane said...

What a creatively beautiful art journal! Yes, it is BRRR cold in my neck of the woods, 6 degrees as I write this!
Thank you for joining our challenge at Stencil Fun!
Diane SF Co-Owner
{Nellies Nest}
{Stencil Fun}

ahlers5 said...

Wow, this is amazing! I read every word and love everything you did with it. How wonderful and creative!

My name is Erika. said...

Bit is interesting that your journal spread is from Florida and I just got back from there. I made a cover for a small travel journal yesterday so I particularly enjoy seeing your page layout. It’s quite fun. And speaking of hurricanes, we were in Fort Meyers and went down to the beach. I’ve never been a disaster zone and wow. There is still a lot of work needed. But it is amazing how fast some things have come back. Thanks for writing about it in your post. Luckily we do t usually get huge hurricanes up here, not since the big one 1938 my dad always talked about. It we do get them, and if we ever get a big one I am not staying around to see it. Ok. Enough babble. Thanks for joining us for Mia’s challenge at AJJ and I’m glad you posted this before the month ends. Hugs Erika

Tone K. said...

Colorful and funny Art Journal :)
Thanks a lot for joining us at Let`s Craft and Create :)

Donna Ellis said...

Your Disney-esque journal page is a fantastic collage of Florida’s fun and beauty. As always, Aimes, your collages tell stories, and this is no exception. Thank you! And thanks for documenting your creative process so we could see each step of your story making as you progressed. Looks like lots of fun! Wishes that these global calamities would recede. I also wish people could live in safe areas. I am inspired by the strength and resilience humans and animals display during such hardship.

Elkes Lebensglück said...

A wonderful design of your journal page! It's good to read that everyone is actively helping to clear up the chaos. I'm so sorry for what all these people have to go through.
Hug- Elke

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Awesome girlfriend! I love using maps too. Isn't Freco paint the best!? I have a few but NEED more. Your art journal layout is terrific. But then again you're the queen of placing a multitude of images in a pleasing manner--a skill I have difficulty with.

Bonnie Lynn said...

Thought I commented on your journal page but I guess now. I love it! All of your die cuts, the stamped/painted/colored background is so fun. I've thought about making an art journal, but haven't yet not sure why. Hoping you warm up soon my friend.

craftytrog said...

A beautiful sunny spread Aimeslee, definitely much needed with all of the devastating weather in parts of the world. We are bright and sunny here this morning, though I still don't have any energy to go out and enjoy it.
Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, it was a scary time, still is if I'm honest. I'm going back for another gastroscope in a fortnight, to check things out.
I hope you are keeping well.
Big hugs,

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I seem to be a month behind, but I still wanted to leave a comment on this lovely spread about Florida.

From fish to ship lines to palm trees to oranges to Disney, you gave us a fabulous view of the real Florida through your art. Thanks for sharing this with us at Art Journal Journey, Aimeslee.

Chana Malkah said...

Thanks for playing along with us at A Place to Start!
Chana, Owner

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

What a wonderful idea and beautifully made Aimes. Love the colourful pages and details. We have spent a little time in Florida, my cousins lived in Clearwater. I was always scared of seeing the sea both sides of the road we were driving on. But such a lovely place, we got caught in a hurricane and had to move rooms in our hotel, because the doors were blown in! AH! Memories hahaha.
Keep warm and dry.
Faith x