Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Success is a Journey

Here is my finished art journal page in my Little Book of Wisdom art journal. If you want to see all my pages/spreads so far, they are in THIS album on my Flickr.

I had explained last time that I'd kept the quote I used here for many years, even though I disagreed with it until recently. I believed for a long time that success was both a journey and a destination, and the quote clearly says it is not the latter. However, I began to realize that successful living or living successfully is all about the journey. Where you end may indeed change or may be impossible to control or predict. As I've gotten older, I've come to understand how precious it is to live in the moment, enjoy today, take what comes and make your successes not dependent on a destination but on your happiness. I am still having trouble explaining fully, but I think I am on the right track.

So, I listed a few successes that my daily journey in life usually involves. They seem to be boring, redundant, small. But when I am in them, I am happy. The first one about my health is an abbreviated form of manage them more than they manage me. Didn't have enough room, but that's ok because when I read that I remember the entire thing. I did not list my favorite interests because they might change, but I like to have them. Right now, they are genealogy, reading and studying history and culture, politics, etc. And Art got its own arrow because I totally felt it should have. What else can I say about that? haha

This was a bit more personal than I usually have done in this journal, but I suspect I may revisit the personal on pages in one of my other themed art journals. For now, this sets the ideas down and personalizes the quote for me.

The background I began with, as well as many others in this journal (and others) was created while I was in the first real art journaling class I took online from Kelly Kilmer, called A Prompt A Day. I am forever grateful that I took that class, and in fact, I've decided to refer back to my notes and the processes, as I am getting to the point in this and 2 other journals where I might can fill them, finish them. So, doing the exercises again to create the backgrounds I need sounds exciting to me. I can remember being happy and feeling successful as I learned from Kelly, so what better way to get color on the rest of my pages?

Hope you are experiencing success in your art journey! Thanks as always for visiting me and your comments are very much appreciated! xoxo
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