Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Balloons

Hallo Lovelies! I'm sharing a quick card with you today, only took me an evening. Most others would have taken 1-2 hours, but oh no, not me. LOL

Here is my scan. I used Avery Elle's Balloons stamps and dies. Also used a Memory Box Loopy Ring border die. Used Brilliance ink on the balloons.

Really trying to use up the rest of that glossy red birthday embossed card stock that I bought way too much of like 10 years ago. Curse you, Hobby Lobby! hahahaha Wait, I don't mean it! Aaaaaaaa!
I have to laugh here. I can remember being really ticked off years ago when I was first amassing balloon stamps, because all too often they did not come with the separate string stamp. Then, they finally included them in the sets, and it turns out they are ridiculously hard for me to use for some reason. So now I just draw the string, hahaha.

Well, that's it for me this time. Hubby and I both have horrid headaches. Feel like our heads are in vices, lotsa pressure. It's always the weather that causes it. I am counting on that phrase "Don't like the weather? Then, wait fifteen minutes, it'll change." Hope you are having a better day! Thanks for dropping by and saying hi! xoxo

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