Thursday, April 7, 2016

WOYWW #357 on Thursday = #TBTWOYWW (haha)

Hello, all you lovely readers of my nonsense! Very glad to have you here.

I have been my usual self: behind, late to every party, plodding along on my cards slowly, ever slowly she goes. I also managed to pick up some kind of intestinal thang last weekend and have been struggling to do anything else but that. You now how it is when your intestines are ailing, they are meant to be neither seen nor heard when healthy, but let them go to cramping, painful gassing, yadayada, and it is hard to focus on anything else. I began to mend yesterday but TODAY is one of those Willie Wonka Golden Days. I've got that Ticket around here somewhere! haha I feel so much better. Still some faint discomfort, but Knock wood that whatever caused it has left my building!

So, first up is WOYWW #357 from our lovely hostess Julia at Stamping Ground. If anyone reading doesn't participate but would like to, just BEGIN. And you can tell from my behavior, you don't have to be perfect or exactly on time! haha I have already met some lovely new people and made friends. Most of us are all hobby artists and you can never have too many of those in your life if you are one, too.

So today, this is the scene at my work area. I am working the worst of my stash: the dreaded stickers. I have these in pink/orange and in blue/green (that will be my next card). Had them for YEARS. Finally got sick and tired of pushing them aside, seeing them in my stash. Uber-frugal twit that I am, cannot throw them out, so only one thing to do: use them. Something about those dots on the stickers triggered my memory, so went looking in the paper vaults and fished out those dotted and argyle papers. These may have been in a collection back in the ancient day, but it's more than good enough for horseshoes and hand grenades for my purposes now, so I'm going to assume they were meant to be together all along, haha.

Also had this really old 12x12 Junkitz cardstock (back when patterned cardstock was thin and one-sided - think back to Basic Grey's first releases) that I had pulled and cut into A2 card fronts. I have already used some of this in a watercolored card that turned out beautifully (and had I not been ill, I would have already blogged it. Will be doing that post next). This time (as you can see in the previous photo of my work area), I used my old Zig Writer pigment ink markers to add my colors, and then added doodle lines with the ever-useful white Signo Uni-ball gel pen. I will next be dry-embossing it with a dotted swiss folder and then touching the raised portions with some white chalk ink. This will add texture and dimension, as you will see when I share the card once finished (not today).

I do have some recently-made cards to share, but I think I will beg off and claim laziness for one more evening before getting all that together for you. In the meantime, have a good one, thank you for visiting and bless you for leaving me a comment to let me know what you think or that you came by. xoxo

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