Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lost your head? Put a cap on it!

Hello friends! Today I have a masculine birthday card using some really old stamps that rocked a fad that has long since faded.

Do you ever look at some of the stamps you bought back in the day and wonder just what you saw in them? That would be me and the SEVEN sets of headless My Favorite Things stamps I bought. I can only describe it as having lost my head over them! LOLOLOL I think I will show you all of them at the end of this post, but for now, here is the set in question, Let's Hear It For the Boys:
As you can see, it does have some great sentiments and little images. That big one, though. Hmmmm. Well, I'm not gonna let that stop me. How many times have we seen this image in our own homes, haha. Going with that, I decided to try and pop the little cap on the head spot, and just go with it.

Since this was an experiment, I made my hubby the guinea pig. This was his birthday card from earlier in the month. And guess what? He loved it! He thought the cap was cool and funny. I did not hear "Where's his head?" one time! Whew, dodged a bullet there, huh? ;-)

I used a ton of paper scraps putting the card front together. In fact, the stamped and alcohol-marker-colored image  sits on a rectangle that I weaved using the Technique Junkies Herringbone technique. The front and back base mats were made using this old Corning Heritage Farms Hounds tooth Backgrounder stamp:
And my card front design was inspired by this sketch:
Not bad for old stamps and scraps, huh?

This has emboldened me, wisely or not, to think about using the other 6 stamp sets. Not planning to any time soon, but I've learned that not having a head in the game is not necessarily a deal-breaker. lol Here are my other 6 stamp sets:

Do any of you have any of these? I did get several good sentiments in the bargain, as well as some great small images, so not a total loss, and like I said, these are old. Probably 7 or so years old, perhaps even 10. I have yet to use any of these headless images. I figure at the very least, I could make artist post cards and slap postage stamps on to make postage people, teeheehee. I do hope to use them all SOMEHOW, though. I'm just ornery enough to consider it a challenge! (Howz about a set of Have You Lost Your Head? cards? hahaha Any ideas to give me?)

Thanks for visiting and leaving me a hollah! Have a great Friday! xoxo
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