Friday, March 25, 2016

WOYWW #355 - I'm TIRED!

Well, here I am a day late (almost 2) and several dollars of energy short, but I'm linking this blog post to WOYWW #355, where we are to share what's on our workdesks. I am bone-tired, dead-tired and a little sick. I blame it on the compressed 2016 holiday schedule - the triumpherate of Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day and Easter plus it seems half the card recipients in my life were born around this same time. I really need to get some mojo lighting up my butt to make some cards ahead of time and not as they are needed...but I digress. Onto the matter at hand -

Here is a photo of an Easter card I was working on in my playroom this time, on my Grandy's old cotton-baling table he handbuilt in 1944 and my dear hubs refinished. The pieces aren't adhered yet because I wanted to add those strips of brown ribbon I've laid on the white paper. Also notice the post-it strips and the silver paperweight. I have so much ribbon and lace but never seem to use it because I cannot apply it straight to save my life. I have a tip to share I just came up with that helps immensely!

Here I have removed the collage elements so I can get down to business. I have placed the weight onto the card in the center and the post-its are where I want the ribbon to go. I am using my trusty Scor-pal Buddy sideways to let the scoring lines help me!

I added post-its on the other side and then applied the red liner tape. This makes it so much easier for me, I cannot begin to tell you how much. Those of you with younger eyes might can get away without using the post-its and just look at the lines, but they jumble up when my eyes spy them, so my post-its keep me on the right line.

Red liner off and ribbon adhered~! Oh my gosh, can I say AGAIN how much of a help this is to me? I may cover everything in ribbon now. heehee Yeah, not really.

Credits: Rusty Pickle patterned paper, Retro Café Art collage sheet image and sentiment, calendar die cut and ribbon from my stash.

And here's my finished card. Now, nothing handmade is perfect, and I know that even using my tip isn't gonna give me perfection, but my ribbon looks a heck of a lot better adhered in this manner. Confidence counts for something! ;-)

This has been my bright spot for the week. Sigh. I'm a bit dejected. Still struggling with the allergies, my ever-present Arthurs pain, greeting card overwork, and some general disappointment with the current state of affairs and a friend. When it rains it pours. I'll get through it and back to my usual glass-half-full self. I am ever-honest to the core, though. Right now, I gots me the melancholies and that's all there is to it. Hope you are seeing and feeling brighter days! Thanks for visiting and have a Blessed Easter!

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