Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Shabby Chic Bold & Fresh: Gecko Galz - WOYWW Mash Up !!!

LOL - howz that for a blog post title?

It's Wednesday (still & barely) and that means linking to WOYWW#356 and sharing what's on my desk. So, without further ado, working in my playroom today at my grandy's table:

This week Wednesday also means the last day of the March Challenge over at Gecko Galz. Here's the theme:

I love GG images and have been trying to be a supporter of owner Leeanne's blog challenges (Fripperies and Butterflies), but I am now trying to branch out and do the same at Gecko Galz. When my inkjet printer ink needed replacing I ordered more, and had been waiting for it to arrive, so I could print out a GG image so I could play in the challenge, because their only rule is you have to use one of their images. (And rightly so, I say. Seems like all vendor challenges should do that if you ask me. I would if I owned a company...just sayin'.)

But yesterday I got a backorder email on my ink, so what to do? Luckily, GG gives awesome freebies and many are line art in black and white. So, with little time to spare, I printed out a sweet one on my laserjet and decided to be thoroughly selfish and create a home decoration. Been on my artistic goals list for forever, and no time like the present, right? So, that's what was on my desk earlier today, the stuff I'd gathered to begin.

I actually had a very hard time choosing, but isn't this bunny just the cutest? Yes, cutest. I like Cute, I don't care what anyone says. Cute never gets the respect it deserves, which is a legitimate place at the art table. Cute can absolutely be done well. When I see anyone write or say, "oh I like anything but cute" or "cutesy", then my immediate reaction is, "well aren't you the snobby one!" Hrrrumph! Loosen up, or as a boss I had in the 70's said, "Take a Quaalude, baby." lol True story. But I digress.

Okay, so do ya wanna see what I came up with? Here ya go:
I am really really glad that I tried this, because I LOVE IT!!! I should really thank Gecko Galz for helping me to get my very home decoration made! Let's see, the GG image is the star, but credits for the supporting cast are: I'm gonna guess those are all Prima flowers (and old ones), the lace and trim are inherited from my mom, light blue script gaffer tape, the colored binder rings as well as the stand are 7Gypsies, the eyelet snaps are WRMK, flower brads are Doodlebug, and the striped glitter paper is Making Memories Dilly Dally.

One more close-up: wanted to show-off probably a crappy job of it, but I am so proud of just adding glitter freehand and in a messy way. I need lots more practice, but I'm naturally way too anal and neat and linear to do this by instinct. I actually forced myself to do it. I smoodged glue around the circle mat and poured on the pink glitter, letting it dry, then went back around and brushed on some Smooch Glitz. So technically, there's some shabby, haha. No, seriously, I always notice when others do this and I always wish I could do that. So, today I did!

Thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment if you can and let me know what you think. And have a wonderful rest of the week! xoxo

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