Thursday, April 5, 2012

More (Hot) Air.... :-))

Another air-balloon themed creation to share. This time, a post card. I love the techniques in Angela Cartwright's book Mixed Emulsions, but I've not yet mastered the oil painting on photos yet. So, I got out my oil creme pastels and colored a magazine image of old London before adding some gesso and collage elements. This kind of altering technique is very satisfying to me, for some reason.

I will be back tomorrow with an Easter card to share. Enjoy your Good Friday!


pat said...

Very nice! You sure know what you are doing with this technique. Happy Easter to you.

teri said...

I don't have that book, but I'd love to know more about oil painting on photographs.

Years ago they used to sell special paints to tint photos. With the inception of photoshop and other photo altering software, the paint I'm thinking of went out of production. I wonder if this is something similar?

Love your steampunky guy!

trisha too said...

Very fine postcard, Aimslee. I can see why it is so stisfying, when the results are so good!