Monday, March 26, 2012

Wish It So

So, do you old-school scrapbookers remember back in the day when it was perfectly acceptable to float embellishments on your layout, without anchoring them to anything? When you did this with stickers, it was called Sticker Sneeze? (Sticker Sneeze is the derisive term for a layout that appears as if the creator sneezed stickers onto the page and whereever they landed was where they stayed.)

Floating has remained pretty much taboo, although if it's anything like anything else, it will probably be back in fashion before too long... At any rate, as of this moment, still taboo.

Anyway, taboos like that weigh on me sometimes. And I wanted to break the taboo. Bad.

Usually, I can repress my rebellious urges, but not lately. It really got into my head that the next card I made needed to have floating elements AND look awesome. So, I made this card I'm sharing today with that in mind, and while I'll refrain from complementing my own work, I'm quite satisfied with my result. And doubly happy to report that I also managed to satisfy my inner rebel.

It helps to be able to float elements when they are part of a person's wishful thinking and imagination. As you see here, this young lady is obviously thinking about these sweet desserts and wishing she had some.

As you see here from the inside sentiment, they are birthday cake treats. But I really liked that the outside card front didn't scream that -- you have to open the card to really understand what is going on.
I also liked that the white rub-on alphas and astericks that I used ended up blending into the colored wax pencil background a tad, instead of remaining opaque, which added to her whimsical wishing.

And since I slayed the SneezePolice, you might could even call me The Girl With The Dragon Taboo! {{{oh good groaning lord}}}. Ok. Maybe Not.  winkwinkwink


teri said...

I had no idea about any of this. My sneezes usually consist of something far less attractive than these sweet stickers. You taught me something new yet again!

Cathy L. Calamas said...

Gesundheit !! May you continue to sneeze so creatively ever more!! It does look wonderful!