Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pages in Stages: Tools *UPDATE*

Wow, two posts in one day...I could have edited my original but I've already done that once this week, lol. Not again.

I'm posting again because you, my dear readers, want to know more about my tools. Specifically, the little yellow cones, which go by the official name of Painters Pyramids. And, as we say down here in Shake n Bake Land, I (would like to think I) HEPPED (helped)! winkwink

Here's what the package looks like:

Now, go Google "painters pyramids" (sans the ""). You will probably find them priced around $10 including shipping, OR MORE. But I'm gonna share a little Joann.com coupon with you for free shipping with a minimum $35 order, because that's who I ordered mine from and I got a pack of ten for $4.89 on sale, but they are now $6.99 regular price. If you have a Joann's nearby, maybe they have them there to buy in person. Score! (Also, check Ace Hardware or Lowe's or Home Depot if you are out and about. Even Walmart).

But if you are a mail order gal like me, AND you wanna get a few more things (and WHO DOESN'T????), then use this Joann.com coupon: Promotion Code PIA212 , expires at 11:59pm EST on 2/15/12 and no rain checks. And here is their link to the pyramids. All I ask is that you leave something there for me. I haven't used this coupon yet. (Yes, I order from J's once a month and they always send me one of these coupons to use the next month...damn you, Pavlov! winkwink)

Lord, I could swallow hard and have $35 spent at an arts n crafts store. But, if you just wanna buy the pyramids only, this EBAY listing has them for Buy Now at $9.44 and free shipping. And it goes without saying to always check at Amazon. I saw more than a few good deals on this search results page. I've been buying more things third-party thru Amazon when the price is cheaper, and most of the items have shipped really fast (with a few that are downright snail-paced). I buy so much from Amazon that I have their Prime membership, but sometimes the prime price is higher and I can find a third-party with shipping that is cheaper. It's like kinda like ebay! Just depends on if I am jonesing for it fast or can wait a while...

Now, another tool that sparked interest was the Yes! Glue. Here is what it looks like if you forgot from my first post:

I bought mine at Joann.com on sale, but it's not on sale now. It's $10.99 for the pint (you don't want any smaller...and I only saved $2 on sale). Joann's is an okay price if you are ordering with the coupon, because Amazon only sells it third-party and with shipping it is $15. Now, the trick to finding it on Joann.com is to search with the words "Stick Flat Glue". Don't ask me why...

Just wanted to pop in and share this info. Sadly for me, Joann's not paying me a penny, even if you click on the links I provided. No one is paying me. :-(((( I'm just a nice schmuck that way. <3 <3
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