Friday, February 17, 2012

Here's What Happens, Part 2

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Okay, I stamped this blossom vine onto deli paper with Stazon ink, and then I colored it with Prisma colored pencils. The colors were pretty but bright, and a bit shiny.
Knowing that deli paper is almost transparent when collaged onto a busy background, I played around with both sides and saw that the other side gave off a more muted effect...that I liked better.
So, on it went, along with a cut-out stamped Buddha image on a cut-out stencilled cloud of honeycombs, all deli paper. It just melts into the background and it's just stronger enough than tissue paper to be able to glue easier.
See how nicely it melds?
I definitely felt like decorating a page, didn't I? winkwink There is a small area in the lower righthand corner for some journaling...if I can ever think of what I want to say that succinctly.
I reaaallly love how this page turned out and I learned a few things that I want to keep practising. And I hope you enjoyed seeing my process on it. Now that I've gotten it this far, it has occurred to me that this was made very much like Kelly Kilmer taught us to make a page. I was very happy doing her class and made some great pages as I recall. Hmmm....what is this telling me?


teri said...

You do beautiful things with collage, Aimeslee. I love the way you arranged everything here, and it all blends beautifully.

Fran T said...

wow this collage is fantastic. i can't believe how the paper that the tree meld/blended in! I like this blog!